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Estate Administration (Probate)

We maintain an experienced team of estate and trust administration attorneys and paralegals devoted to providing estate and trust administration services which are vital to the efficient settlement of an estate and administration of trusts.  One portion of the overall estate administration process, probate, refers to the method by which the local court supervises the administration of a person’s estate.  Our estate administration services include making all necessary probate filings with the appropriate courts, and assisting with the collection, documentation, valuation and custody of estate assets, as well as assisting with the management, investment and distribution of estate assets.  We also can provide post-mortem tax planning and assist with the preparation of federal and state fiduciary income, gift and estate tax returns.    Our trust administration services include making any necessary court filings, assisting with the custody, management, and investment of trust assets, and assisting with the preparation of federal and state fiduciary income tax returns.