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Criminal Matters

Attorney John Bryson gives closing arguments.

John Bryson gives the closing argument in a capital murder trial in Forsyth County Superior Court – September 2016

Being a defendant in a criminal case can be the most stressful and difficult time in a person’s life.  Aside from the possibility of incarceration in serious cases, even the simplest misdemeanor offenses can have lifelong consequences.  Prospective employers and creditors are now monitoring an ever-widening electronic data base of criminal records.  The mishandling of a minor criminal matter could one day cost someone a job, a loan, or a place at the college of their choice.  Our law firm is staffed with experienced attorneys who routinely handle criminal cases ranging from simple misdemeanor offenses all the way to capital murder cases.  Our attorneys have vast experience in both the Federal and State Courts in drug and firearms cases, white collar criminal matters, sex offenses, property crimes, and crimes of violence, including capital murder.  Our attorneys also appear regularly in the North Carolina District Courts in misdemeanor offenses, including cases of domestic violence, drug and alcohol offenses, and all other misdemeanor cases.  Let our experienced lawyers guide you through these complicated matters and stressful times.